Nothing Short of Chic: Daytime To Partytime: Midi Skirt/Crop Top


Daytime To Partytime: Midi Skirt/Crop Top

Day-to-night, in seasonal fashion.

Hello everybody! I haven't posted in nearly a month, which you've surely noticed if you follow my blog, and since I usually post several times a week I feel SOOO guilty. Truth is, guys, I've been surviving without solid internet access since end of November (please don't ask me to repeat it). So, to make up for it, I put together a really good post that is super easy to recreate and essentially includes two outfits. Now how about that? I've got a daytime outfit, perfect for work, school, or just walking around town, and then an accessory swap -- tada!! You've got an ensemble just right for partying or dancing, for a dinner party, a little get-together, or a chic holiday bash.

Ok, let's get into it!

Isn't this coat absolutely phenomenal? It is the ideal street-style coat and it adds instant glam to any and every outfit. I love it. I also love the way my pleated midi skirt peeks out from under it, and when I do up only the middle button on my coat, it kind of swishes every time I walk. When this conservative yet cute skirt is paired with a pretty beaded crop top in the same color family and black accessories, the outfit has a monochromatic look without being boring. How can an outfit with a statement coat like this be boring? I just wore this with black sparkly tights ('cause a little sparkle never did anyone any harm) and my trusty lace-up combat boots and voila! Now let's really make this outfit shine...

Photography: DJ Cleland-Hura | Coat: ThriftedJacket: Thrifted | Top: Petite SophisticateSkirt: Thrifted | Boots: Thrifted | Shoes: Aldo (Thrifted) | Bracelet: Annika Cleland-Hura

I switched out my furry coat, tights and boots for a more party-appropriate leather jacket, bare legs (or pantyhose) and ballet flats. Then, by adding a matching buckled statement bracelet and curls worthy of a night out twisted into a half-updo, I've totally transformed this outfit just by switching around the accessories. The change took about two minutes (minus hair, etc.) and is great if you're going straight from work or school (or wherever you might be). You could wear a pair of buckled leather heels but I'm much more comfortable in flats and it gives this outfit a much more understated look and allows the focus to be on the top and skirt, not my accessories. I also love putting a longer crop top like this one (it hits just below my belly button) over a high-waisted A-line skirt because it emphasizes your figure without being too suggestive and creates a really nice silhouette.

Next week I'll be posting some more holiday outfits, so check back for those! Follow me on Instagram (@nothingshortofchic) for awesome photos!!

Do you guys like the daytime or the partytime outfit better? Let me know in the comments!

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